بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم Ibnu Mas’ud tentang pengertian Al Jamaah : “Al Jamaah adalah sesuatu yang mencocoki Al Haq walaupun engkau sendiri (yang mengikutinya).” (Riwayat Al Laalikaiy dari Ibnu Mas’ud dalam Kitab As Sunnah dan Abu Syamah dalam Al Ba’its ‘Ala Inkari Bida’ Wal Hawaadits halaman 22 dan Ibnul Qayyim dalam Kitab Ighatsatul Lahfan halaman 1/70)

20 Oktober 2010

If baby cry

cry is the part that can not be separated from the world of children.It feels incomplete if a day passes without sobs.Especially when children are still in the first 1 year of age.Because there are no words that can unfold to establish love in infants except the crying.Some parents, especially young mother still looks puzzled mother still looks puzzled when their baby starts crying.Some of them were immediately embraced in the arms, rocking, holding and even so there is a direct bewildered grandmother gave to a baby with a pretext not experience.funny indeed but can also make hot careful when the baby would not go quietly.Actually some ways I have Actually some ways I have mentioned above are not the wrong way.Since each baby has its own personality so that way they get a enjoyment also has a unique.A few effective steps that can bepracticed to soothe a crying baby, such as: 1.Lift and carry her baby. Most babies will feel more comfortable when in the arms of their parents.Because in addition to the warmth of the body that he can, also grew a very strong psychological bond.Do not worry baby will be spoiled.Because if we did not immediately respond or ignore the baby when the babycries could be rejected or will feel uncomfortable. 2.Swing. Quite often a baby then silence after her body rocked.We can make a small swing tothe side of our house.Also the side of our house.Also when we pick her swing or swing on our hands in our sitting position also proved capable of causing a great pleasure for baby's comfort. 3.Wrap. Some babies there who feel more comfortable with the bedong (in packs with a cloth) than give blanket only.Most of these occurred in infants aged 0-6 weeks.They feel the comfort that is almost equal their condition in the womb. 4.Storytelling. Do not be surprised if a baby whom we tell stories or chatting he will feel happy andthen they tried to stop her crying.Why so?Because for a baby's mother's voice like the sound of the rhythm of a lull while in the womb.Mother's voice and heartbeat so my mother gave me a distinct mother gave me a distinct impression baby feel in his world again. 5.Massage. Massage is not an alien baby longer able to calm the crying child.Since the days of our great-great-baby massage has been able to circulate blood familiar baby so as to make the baby feel more comfortable.Nothing wrong as we train parents to learn infant massage techniques.In infant massage techniques.In addition to proximity to the fruit will cause our hearts are also able to save the budget topay energy massagers.6.Streets.Some babies feel comfortable when in whom the streets and see the scenery outside.In addition to introducing the baby to the new environment is also capable of providing refressing on our bodies. Translate from